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Who is Marafiki?


Marafiki Community International is an organization dedicated to enhancing lives and fostering communities through sustainable development. The programs and services offered bring together the underprivileged members of our community to acquire education, skills, build self-esteem, and ultimately help them to become self-sustaining through socio-economic empowerment.

We believe education is at the heart of sustainable development, which is why we built and run Southern Cross Academy at the SIDP(Settled Internally Displaced People) camp in Mai Mahiu where we offer free education for 350 children. We are also in the process of building Ripoi Primary School in the middle of Maasai Mara. We are committed to the education of children in communities like these, where there is a hunger and a passion for it.

Marafiki will only take on projects that are sustainable and that will increase the opportunities of Kenyans to better our society.



Placement: Teaching at Gladways Mercy Centre School

What has been your favourite moment whilst volunteering?
Generally being around the children and seeing their progression really makes all the hard work worth while.

What support have you received from Marafiki during your time here?
The support was better than I could ever have expected - there was always someone available to answer any questions I have and I really do see the Marafiki staff as family.


Placement: Refugee Camp

What work have you been involved with on placement?
We built desks, cemented a floor, painted classrooms - all sorts really. This will allow the school to open a Grade 8th classroom so more kids can complete their full education there.

What was your biggest misconception about Kenya?
Everyone kept telling me ‘it’s going to be dangerous’ and things like that, but I felt safe and welcome the whole time.


Placement: HIV/Aids Program

What has been your biggest achievement on placement?
Through teaching sessions at schools, myself and the other volunteers helped people to see past the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS which was really rewarding.

What is one piece of advice for people thinking of volunteering with Marafiki?
Do it. I can’t think of a single reason to not volunteer with Marafiki, not one.


Marafiki Community International is always looking for new projects which aid sustainable community development. As well as collaborating with other agencies and partners, we also run our own projects that help empower people in our target communities. We want to do more than provide a quick fix for individual situations which is why we strive to fix social problems through long-term projects like these.

One of Marafiki’s main focuses is education - we believe it is one of the most important investments a country can make and is critical to reducing poverty and inequality. As an organisation, we stand up and support education for children from underprivileged communities in two of our main projects:

Southern Cross Academy

Built in 2009, Southern Cross Academy was created with the aim of providing a free education to children within the Settled Internally Displaced People camp in Maai Mahiu, an hour outside of Nairobi.

Camps like this arose across the country in 2008 following post-election violence that saw hundreds of thousands of families fleeing their homes and communities. The camp in Maai Mahiu is home to around 4500 people, some of whom are still living in tents with no running water, electricity or protection.

Southern Cross Academy hosts over 300 children from the camp. The school strives to provide a happy, caring, and stimulating environment where children will recognise and fulfil their potential.

Ripoi Primary School

On the way back from a trip to the Maasai Mara in 2015, one of the Marafiki team noticed some children under a tree who seemed to be in class. After speaking to the teachers, and meeting kids who were keen to learn, we knew we’d found the right place to build a school.

Since then, our volunteers have helped build three classrooms and now almost 100 students attend Ripoi Primary School.

Going forward, we hope to expand the school by building two more classes - ensuring that these kids can get a full education which will enable them to take control of their futures.
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