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Working with Children

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Marafiki Community International work with orphanages in and around Nairobi, providing care and support to children from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. As this program involves working closely with orphaned and at-risk children, a three-week minimum commitment is required to participate.

Kenya has many orphanages like these which house HIV/AIDS orphans and children who have been neglected or abandoned by their family members. The burden of caring for children who have lost their parents often falls on already overstretched families with little resources, and as a result many children find themselves living on the street where they are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.

As an orphanage volunteer, you will be working with vulnerable children who have faced a great number of difficulties in their lives. You will provide much-needed attention, support, compassion, encouragement and love. As a result, you will help these children become empowered, take control of their futures and fulfil their potential.

We work with different types of orphanages that have different set ups so you can choose the program which suits you best. Some orphanages have schools on site with lots of children of all ages, others have only children under 6 years old and others offer volunteers the opportunity to live in the orphanage and become fully immersed in the children’s day-to-day lives.

Volunteers can also help with cooking for the children, organising fun activities for them and with the general upkeep of the orphanage itself.

As with all our volunteer programs in Kenya, you will dedicate 1 day a week to one of our outreach programs. This means you will get to see some of our other projects such as the Women’s Rescue Centre and HIV/AIDs program. This is the best way for us to make sure that our work is sustainable in the long-term.

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