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Refugee Camp/Settled Internally Displaced People’s Camp

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Following the 2007 elections in Kenya, riots broke out across the country and over 600,000 families were forced to flee their homes. Fearing for their lives and unable to return to their communities, these civilians sought refuge in other parts of the country, setting up camps on waste land and living in tiny tents provided by the UN. Six-hundred of these families still reside in more permanent dwellings in the Internally Displaced People (IDP) village that Marafiki Community International support.

Located an hour outside of Nairobi, there are various ongoing projects that you can get involved with here which are helping to make a real difference to the inhabitants lives.

Our volunteers have the chance to:

- Teach at the school for the village children alongside local teachers

- Work on construction projects to help build more permanent structures, like a new medical clinic or community hall

- Help with sustainability programs such as gardening, farming and water sanitation

- Run small medical clinics for the community

- Get involved with fundraising activities

There is plenty of flexibility here which allows you to tailor your placement to best suit your skills and passions. It is possible to work across a number of areas or focus on your area of expertise.

As long as you have a proactive approach to work and are not afraid to use your initiative, you’ll be able to make a real difference to the lives of Kenyan families on this program.

As with all our volunteer programs in Kenya, you will dedicate 1 day a week to one of our outreach programs. This means you will get to see some of our other projects such as the Women’s Rescue Center, orphanages and HIV/AIDs program. This is the best way for us to make sure that our work is sustainable in the long-term.

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