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5 Ways to Prepare Before Volunteering

5 Ways to Prepare Before Volunteering

Volunteering can be one of the best experiences one can ever get, there are a thousand reasons to volunteer. But make no mistake it can also be one of the worst experience too. Let’s take it back first of all, for you to get that experience you are hopping for then you must first prepare yourself adequately. Preparations need enough time so that you can get all the aspects that you need. In case you have no idea on how to prepare before volunteering, don’t worry this blog is for you.


Here are five ways on how you can prepare yourself…


1.      Do Research.

Research is no doubt the most important way to prepare before going to volunteer. Am not going to state all the things you need to research on, but hey there are the fundamental things that you need to understand before heading out to volunteer. For example, you need to know more about the country you are heading to volunteer: things like the language they speak, their public means of transport, the standard of their social amenities. More so you need to understand more on the volunteering program you are about to do. There are a lot of research materials in the internet now that can be of use before heading out to volunteer, so check them out in depth.


2.      Safety, Health and Insurance

I can’t stress out how important this is for you. Make sure you get the right insurance to cover you all the time you will be overseas. Take care of your health care while volunteering. Get all the necessary vaccinations. Also, you can visit your doctor before volunteering to get up to date advice on how to stay healthy while volunteering. Ask your volunteering organization on if there are any medical facilities near them so as to be sure of what will happen if you get sick. Keep yourself and your possessions safe while volunteering.


3.      Get Everything You Need

Make sure that you have all the necessity for your trip. Check our pre-journey checklist and park all the important stuff first so that you don’t forget any. Better yet make a packing list for the same. I know it sounds ridicules, like one of those literature assignments, but trust me it will save you. Also, look up on what you will need once you get to your volunteering destination.


4.      Speak to past volunteers

This provides invaluable information to help you prepare. Contact the organization you are volunteering with and ask for contact details of past volunteers. While speaking with them they will explain in depth about the current situation of the placements, what is like to live there, what you might be doing and even how the organization conducts its activities.


5.      Learn their language

Try and learn the basic of local language of the place you are going to. Normally don’t expect that everyone there will be able to speak in English, so it will come in handy if you can introduce yourself, get around, order food and drinks in the local language. You don’t have to be fluent but at least try to speak it.

There is so much you can do to prepare yourself. Feel free to get intouch with us, we are happy to help


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