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Donations For Kenya

Did you know that you can be a part of our vision?
We want to create sustainable communities in Kenya, with strong hard working individuals who will see international aid as a thing of the past. We believe our people can have the dignity they deserve to create their own successful living. But to kick start them in this, we need you.

At Marafiki Community International, we run a school at the SIDP (Settled Internally Displaced People Camp) in Mai Mahiu. When we started working with this community, there was no school in the area, and with most of these children being minded by single mothers or grandmothers, it's hard for them to afford any education at all. That's why we decided to build Southern Cross Academy.

At the moment, SCA has 350 children - the bright future of wounded communities like this one. We want to continue to provide them the education they need for their minds to expand and become dignified human beings with no further need for aid, but we need your help.

Click Here to sponsor a child and be part of the real revolution, of the future, of the hope of dignity for Kenya.

Sponsor a child
  • Funds a school place for a child at Southern Cross Academy for 1 year and receive termly updates of their progress
Fund a Living
  • Pays one of our hardworking, dedicated teachers at Southern Cross Academy a living wage for 2 months
Help to Heal
  • Gives 30 children a place in group counselling sessions
A Healthy Investment
  • Provides vital healthcare supplies for both schools
Have a Ball
  • Helps fund our sports, music and drama classes at Southern Cross Academy
Food for Thought
  • Provides school meals for a week at our school in the Maasai Mara


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